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The Most Durable Wood Type for Flooring

durable wood type for flooring

When picking new flooring for your space, you can easily go with a cheap option that won’t cost you a lot in the short term. However, before long, cheap flooring options will begin to chip, crack, warp, and experience other forms of damage. This means that the flooring will have to be replaced, which will […]

Why You Should Choose Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

vinyl flooring for your home

If you are looking for flooring that is dependable and won`t require much attention, vinyl is a fantastic choice. Vinyl has been a staple in most homes for well over 50 years and for good reason. It is incredibly durable and doesn’t need any maintenance outside of a sweep and mop from time to time. […]

Benefits of Heated Floors this Winter

benefits of heated floors this winter

A cold room or cool floor is not something we will generally notice during the summer months. In fact, cooler floors are something we welcome during heat waves. However, as temperatures drop, it becomes even more apparent to us that our floors are getting icier and icier. Wearing socks and slippers might seem like a […]

Top Flooring Accessories Out There

top flooring accessories

Before you go ahead and install your beautiful new floors, it’s important to understand that preparation is key. There are so many amazing products out there that can make great flooring even better in terms of comfort and insulation. Consider the accessories in this article to complement your brand new flooring. Flooring Underpads When installing […]

The Benefits of Choosing White Oak Flooring

Blog about the benefits of choosing white oak flooring

When choosing the flooring for your home, you will come across a number of options. When it comes to hardwood flooring, white oak is becoming an increasingly popular option for a number of reasons. If you are considering white oak flooring for your home, keep these benefits in mind. Water resistance and durability White oak […]

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