5 Pet-Friendly Flooring Solutions

pet flooring

If you have a pet, or two, you will know the type of toll they can take on your flooring. It’s not only about pet stains resulting from little accidents, but also pet hair and even scratches caused by untrimmed nails. Fortunately, there are several excellent flooring options that are perfect for pet owners.


Of all the types of flooring, tiles are arguably the best when you are looking for a pet-friendly option. This is because they are waterproof, stain proof and you will also find them extremely easy to clean. Tiles are not easy to scratch or damage so, if your pets run around all day, you don’t need to worry about scratch marks all over your flooring.

tile floor


If you want beautiful and comfortable flooring that is also easy to clean, vinyl is the way to go. These floors require minimal maintenance and, if your pet has an accident, you don’t need to worry about stains setting in either.

vinyl floor


Traditionally, carpets were not seen as ideal for pet owners. Today, however, we have the luxury of various protective treatments that make carpets the perfect choice! Look for carpets that are specifically stain-resistant and include an odor neutralizer. If your pet has an accident, you will not need to worry about a tedious clean-up or bad smells for weeks thereafter. Another feature to look for is added protection against pet hair. This added technology ensures that pet hair and debris remains at the surface rather than becoming embedded in the carpet. It is, therefore, so much easier to clean.

carpet floor


While hardwood is not usually known as the ideal floors for pets, it’s important to remember the benefits these floors have to offer. Depending on the type of pets you own and their daily habits, hardwood might be a great option for you. Hardwood floors can be refinished every few years if necessary. So, if any scratches happen to occur, you don’t need to replace these floors. You will only need to refinish them. If your pets are fairly well-behaved, then the only concern is all that pet hair. Hardwood flooring is easy to clean with just a broom or vacuum and a mop. By following a regular cleaning schedule, you can be sure that your pets will not wreak havoc on these floors.

hardwood floor


Like hardwood, laminate floors are not usually the top choice for households with pets but they can be if your pets are properly house trained. If pet hair is your only real concern, you should consider installing laminate flooring in your home.


laminate floor

It is also important to remember that different rooms will require different types of flooring. For instance, your bedroom will not necessarily have the same type of floors as your kitchen. This is why it is so important to understand what each type of flooring and each brand has to offer. At Flooring Liquidators, we have a wide selection of flooring products perfect for pet owners. Visit any of our 14 locations in Southern Ontario or give us a call at 1 (866) 473-7222 for more information.

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