Top Flooring Accessories Out There

top flooring accessories

Before you go ahead and install your beautiful new floors, it’s important to understand that preparation is key. There are so many amazing products out there that can make great flooring even better in terms of comfort and insulation. Consider the accessories in this article to complement your brand new flooring.

Flooring Underpads

When installing certain types of flooring like laminate flooring or carpets, underpads should definitely be considered essential. This is because they have a wonderful way of adding an additional layer of comfort. Consider the way a carpet would feel if placed directly on top of concrete. Now add a soft layer in between the two and you’ll understand why so many people choose to install underpads first.

Apart from the comfort factor, these underpads also help extend the life of the flooring. No matter how durable your carpets or laminate flooring is, there will always be an amount of friction between the flooring and the layer below (usually concrete). As the floors rub against the concrete below, both the concrete and the flooring deteriorate. The more the concrete deteriorates, the more particles are loosened and they cause even more friction. To help reduce wear and tear, you can install underpads throughout the room. Now, the flooring will not be in direct contact with the concrete below and you will enjoy that softer, smoother feel for a long time.

Heated Floors

There are few things harsher than a Canadian winter. Cold floors make the rest of the room feel cold and walking on these floors without shoes or slippers can be very uncomfortable. So, what can you do about cold floors? Underfloor heating is the perfect answer. Heated flooring is great for keeping your whole home comfortable and is particularly beneficial in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. A warm floor will dry faster after you are done bathing or showering, and the room will be that much cozier too. If you have children, you probably already know how much they love to play on the floor. This is why heated floors are one of the top floors accessories out there!
It is also good to remember that heated floors will not put much extra strain or pressure on your heating system. This is because the warmth from the floors will radiate throughout the room. Keeping your floors warm is also excellent for preventing mildew and mould which love to grow in cold, damp spots like the lower corners of a room.

Moldings and Trim

Once you are done installing your floors, you will need to add baseboards all around. It might sound like a small or even insignificant detail but it really does make all the difference. No matter the type of flooring you install, there needs to be some kind of flow from the floor to the wall and vice versa. This is what moldings and trim are here. An abrupt end to the floor as it meets the wall is not aesthetically appealing at all. In addition, you can expect dirt to end up in the small space between the floor and wall which is very difficult to clean. If this dirt finds its way under your carpet or wood flooring, you will not be able to get it out without removing the floors completely.

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