Flooring Liquidators Terms and Conditions

1. Product

  • No returns after 30 days. No returns for opened boxes. No returns/cancellations for custom and special orders. No
    returns/cancellations for ordered carpet.
  • Customer must pay 25% restocking fee for returned Hardwood / Laminate/Engineered/Vinyl and 35% restocking fee for returned
  • Extra product must be returned to place of pick‐up/supplier and not to Flooring Liquidators showroom.
  • Warranty of all material is honoured by the flooring brand and/or manufacturer and not by Flooring Liquidators. Flooring
    Liquidators will help facilitate the warranty claim but will not assume responsibility for outcome.
  • Manufacturer’s product warranty does not cover damage caused by acts of God, abuse, misuse, neglect, normal wear and tear,
    water damage/leaks, humidity and moisture issues, expansion and contraction and subfloor issues.
  • Customer responsible to maintain relative humidity of space at 35%‐50% to minimize expansion and contraction of product.
    Warranty will void if above or below.
  • 72 hour acclimatization of product is recommended prior to installation of any hardwood, laminate or engineered product. It is
    customer’s responsibility to acclimatize product at proper humidity levels mentioned above. Whether Flooring Liquidators will be
    installing or not, acclimatization is left to the customer’s discretion and arrangement.
  • Balance of product must be paid in full prior to pick‐up and/or delivery and/or installation date.

2. Installation

  1. The customer authorizes Flooring Liquidators to install the flooring material in a residential/commercial space as agreed upon in sales order.
  2. The customer agrees to pay the material & install balance in full before labour begins. If our installers are short material for the job, the customer must cover the cost of any extra boxes/pieces unaccounted for.
  3. Flooring Liquidators requests that no other independent contractors be scheduled on the same day as the flooring installation booking, and reserves the right to postpone/cancel labour if any double bookings, and/or interference occur.
  4. The Installer will complete the work in conjunction with industry standards and in accordance with all applicable codes and ordinances. Customer agrees that any injuries/damages caused directly or indirectly by the Installer, are the sole responsibility of the Installer in accordance with WSIB Liability Insurance, and may not pursue claims against Flooring Liquidators Inc.
  5. Customer is responsible for submitting required documents to condo board ahead of install date, and must book service elevator for Installers day of job.
  6. Our installers are careful when moving furniture/appliances however all items are moved at clients own risk. Gas/plumbing/electrical are required to be handled by homeowner, we will not reattach any of the above.
  7. Determination of subfloor or removal costs in general may not be apparent upon installing until layers of flooring are removed.
  8. Claims or reporting defects must be made immediately post installation, and is otherwise deemed accepted. Discrepancy in colour, grade of wood, & other variations of floor boards (e.g. knots, distress markings) must be addressed before installation. Once installed, claims can’t be made against style of floor.
  9. Warranty claims must be in accordance with supplier warranted information; Flooring Liquidators will facilitate direct claims for 1 year from install date.

3. Delivery

  • Flooring Liquidators DOES NOT deliver product, rather we sub‐contract delivery to a third‐party company and act as the middle‐
    man between the customer and the delivery company. Flooring Liquidators does this as a convenience to the customer and
    therefore isn’t responsible for delays or complaints pertaining to delivery of any product.
  • Third‐party delivery company offers two services: 1. Curbside delivery (without off‐loading), means the product will be dropped off
    at curbside, driveway or garage (if no obstruction to wheel passage). Flooring Liquidators nor the delivery company will be
    responsible for damages that occur after curbside delivery. 2. Delivery with offloading, means product will be brought in to main
    floor only of house. These two options are to be discussed with salesperson at the showroom.