What is Minimalistic Interior Design?

minimalist flooring design toronto liquidators

Minimalistic interior design is a style that focuses on simplicity and functionality. Flooring Liquidators has all of the most popular minimalist options out there to ensure you have the perfect flooring for your space. This type of design is often characterized by clean lines, neutral colours, and a lack of clutter. Minimalist design is inspired […]

What is the Best Commercial Flooring For Your Rental Property?

commercial best flooring

There are many types of commercial flooring on the market, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your environment. Let’s look at a few examples of great floors to use in commercial spaces: Residential Apartments The best kind of flooring for your rental property depends on many factors, including the intended use […]

What is the Best Type of Flooring for Your Stairs?


Stairs are not only important but essential centerpieces for many designer homes. The material chosen by the homeowner strongly reflects their personality, as well as their design needs. To pick the right flooring for your stairs, you need to take a deep look at yourself and the future of your home- what kind of atmosphere […]

Choosing the Right Paint to Compliment Your Flooring

light hardwood flooring

Are you wondering what the best shade of paint would be to match your new floors? If so, you’re not alone!  Many homeowners find themselves in the same predicament. Pairing the right wall colour with the right flooring can take a room to the next level. There is no one right choice for wall and […]

Keep Your Home Cool This Summer With Maxxmar Blinds

living room blinds

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the weather, but it can also get uncomfortably hot! If you’re looking for a way to keep your home cool this season, consider investing in Maxxmar blinds, now available at Flooring Liquidators locations across Ontario. Maxxmar blinds are designed to reflect sunlight and heat, helping to keep your […]

Heated Floors Are The Future of Smart Homes

heated flooring

  With technology evolving every day, many cool advancements are now being integrated into our homes to make them more efficient and convenient. From controlling your lights, interior temperature, home security system, fridge and more with a click of a button from your smartphone- heated floors have also joined the list and are the future […]

Armstrong Flooring | Rigid Core – Pryzm Collection

armstrong flooring rigid core pryzm collection

The Pryzm collection from Armstrong is known for its amazing vinyl flooring products. The vinyl floors in this collection are built to be uniquely beautiful and to stand the test of time- with Pryzm, you get chic floors with very realistic hardwood facades and a number of different styles, including reclaimed timber, brushed wood, weathered […]

Flooring Installation | 7mm Vinyl Click

vinyl installation

At Flooring Liquidators, we offer floor products, delivery, and installations for incredible prices. In this video, you can see us installing 7mm vinyl click into a home, replacing old floorboards, and revitalizing this house’s aesthetic. After removing this homeowner’s old floorboards, you can see our popular 7mm Yorkville vinyl is ready for installation. It’s sturdy, affordable, […]

Canadian Standard | Brand Surfaces Collection

canadian standard brand surfaces collection

Canadian Standard, available at Flooring Liquidators Canada, is a notable flooring manufacturer in the industry because of its continual pursuit of supplying the best new flooring designs. From engineered and laminate to vinyl, the company always strives to deliver incredible products. This is why the company is trusted by retailers, builders, designers, architects, and of […]

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