Best Basement Flooring Options

basement flooring


Each room in your home serves a different purpose and it is important to make sure that you choose the right flooring based on how you intend on using the room. For instance, the type of flooring that you will install in your bathroom will be very different from the flooring in your bedroom. Similarly, when choosing the floors for your basement, you need to decide how you wish to use this room. If you are not going to use it for anything more than storage, you don’t need to invest in anything too comfortable or stylish. Regular concrete flooring will do the trick. However, if you want to transform the basement into a bedroom, entertainment room or even a home gym, here are some excellent options.


Tiles are a great option for basements because they are durable, easy to clean and you don’t need to worry about mildew. The one potential drawback is the fact that they can be particularly cold. To remedy this problem, all you need to do is install underfloor heating. Not only will this make the tiles warm underfoot, but it will also help prevent condensation on the floor that can affect the grouting between the tiles.




If you want the look of wood at a fraction of the price and with significantly less maintenance, vinyl is the way to go. Click vinyl is easy to install, as the name suggests, and you will not need to worry about refinishing the floors or any regular maintenance other than the usual cleaning routine. These floors add comfort and they are not too cold either.




If you plan on transforming your basement into a bedroom or entertainment area, you want to invest in quality floors that will look great for years to come. Hardwood flooring or even engineered hardwood can help you do just that. These floors add warmth and elegance to the room. Make sure that you choose lighter colors so that the room does not appear smaller than it is. Basements are known for being darker as it is and you don’t want to make it appear even more so. Light-colored flooring and walls will certainly help open up the space while hardwood floors add style and luxury.




From a comfort point of view, there really is nothing quite like quality carpets. The one potential drawback of installing carpets in your basement is the fact that they are far more prone to mildew and mold. So, if the floor area of your basement is particularly cold, you might want to think twice before investing in carpeting. Discuss your carpeting options with a professional before making any decisions. While these floors can prove extremely beneficial, they may require more frequent replacement due to moisture.


Other flooring options include rubber mats and stained or polished concrete. Each has its own pros and cons just like the options mentioned above. By understanding your needs and what each type of flooring has to offer, you will be able to make the best choice for your basement. We welcome you to visit any of our 13 Flooring Liquidators locations in Southern Ontario or call us at 1 (866) 473-7222 for further assistance.

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