The Benefits of Choosing White Oak Flooring

Blog about the benefits of choosing white oak flooring

When choosing the flooring for your home, you will come across a number of options. When it comes to hardwood flooring, white oak is becoming an increasingly popular option for a number of reasons. If you are considering white oak flooring for your home, keep these benefits in mind.

Water resistance and durability

White oak is a harder type of wood which already sets it apart from the rest. Its durability makes it a great option for those high traffic areas. Now, this does not mean that it is completely immune to dents and scratches but it certainly will not suffer damage easily.

Another interesting property that some people might not know about white oak is that it is a closed-grain species. For the most part, the pores are covered by tyloses, which increases the water-resistance of the wood. This gives the wood amazing durability and is what makes it a popular wood in the boat making industry and for front doors. So, if you have a room where moisture levels are high, this is the ideal type of wood to use for the flooring.

Remember, white oak is still a natural wood. So, while it is resistant to the effects of water, it is not immune. You should still take care of your flooring by avoiding the use of excessive water when cleaning and by wiping up spills quickly.

Various colour options

White oak flooring is beautiful as is, and many people enjoy it in this natural shade. This type of wood can also be treated or stained if you decide that you want a change. Grey and whitewash stains are popular. When applying stains to white oak, the shades stand out more than if they were applied to red oak. For example, if you apply a grey wash to red oak, it will have a pinkish colour.

Another option to consider, when it comes to stains, is to opt for a darker colour. White oak has a darker shade which is great news if you want a darker stain. The wood grain is smooth which means that you will enjoy even results on the entire surface whether the area is grained or non-grained. You will love the consistency of the colour.

Reasonably priced rustic style

One would think that such a durable and versatile product would have a high price tag. Fortunately, this is not the case. For the most part, oak is widely available which contributes to the reasonable pricing.

If you are trying to create an authentic rustic theme in the room, this is the perfect type of flooring for you. White oak is known and loved for its rather bland and neutral appearance which means that the details of the wood are that much easier to spot.

Of course, even if you want to create a more modern look, this flooring is still a fantastic investment. You will notice that white oak has smooth and uniform graining. This, paired with the mineral streaks makes these floors a wonderful option for modern homes.

With so many benefits and the sheer versatility of this particular type of wood, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners prefer white oak flooring. At Flooring Liquidators, you will find a wide variety of hardwood flooring to suit your needs and personal preferences. Call us at 1 (866) 473-7222 for more information. You can also use our Store Locator to find a Flooring Liquidators location near you.

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