Benefits of Heated Floors this Winter

benefits of heated floors this winter

A cold room or cool floor is not something we will generally notice during the summer months. In fact, cooler floors are something we welcome during heat waves. However, as temperatures drop, it becomes even more apparent to us that our floors are getting icier and icier. Wearing socks and slippers might seem like a reasonable solution but many people don’t realize how cold floors impact the overall comfort of the room in winter. To put things into perspective, here are some ways in which you can benefit from heated floors this winter.

Improved comfort

This is the number one reason why underfloor heating gained popularity and continues to prove popular in homes throughout Canada. When you heat your floor, you are ensuring that the room is evenly heated. Your radiators will warm up the air but they have little to no effect on the floor temperature. This means that you will notice a temperature difference between that of the floor and the room temperature higher up. It can make cold floors feel even colder in comparison. To combat this, underfloor heating warms the floor and the whole room benefits.

Energy saver

We all know that hot air rises and cold air sinks so when you heat your floors, you can be sure that the heat will rise from this surface and help to heat the rest of the room too. This does not mean that you will not need your radiators but, since the floors are helping to heat the room, your radiators will not have to work as hard. In addition, when the floors are cold, they can cool the air temperature of the room and this puts added pressure on your heating system. So, in short, warm floors make it easier to maintain the temperature of the room and your heating system will not have to work as hard. This means that you can save energy in the long run.

Clear the clutter

If you rely on your radiators alone it might not be enough on those very cold days and nights. This is why so many people are forced to use additional heaters. These heaters cause clutter and they are an eyesore. Underfloor heating is invisible, but you sure can feel it! This makes it perfect for homes and businesses alike.

Reduce condensation

This is very important if you have cold spots that tend to attract moisture and mildew. When you have warm air but cold floors, the humid air is attracted to these cold spots where condensation occurs and this is why water tends to gather here. Once this happens, it can damage your walls, floors and even your furniture. The best way to avoid this is by keeping your floors warm – especially around those exterior walls where they tend to get the coldest of all. This will help reduce condensation and prevent damage to your walls, floors and more. Underfloor heating is also excellent in bathrooms since water is a major factor here and warmer floors will help the evaporation process along which helps dry floors and walls faster.

A few considerations

When installing underfloor heating, it is important to note that it is best suited for specific types of flooring such as tiles but there are systems designed for other types of floors. Make sure that you discuss these options with a professional before moving forward with your new floor and underfloor heating installation. It is also worth mentioning that your underfloor heating is only as good as your insulation. During the installation process, the system should be properly insulated so that heat radiates mostly in an upward direction rather than heating the area below. Proper insulation of your walls and ceiling also play a major role since they help maintain the temperature in the room and your heating system, in general, will not have to work as hard.

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