What is Minimalistic Interior Design?

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Minimalistic interior design is a style that focuses on simplicity and functionality. Flooring Liquidators has all of the most popular minimalist options out there to ensure you have the perfect flooring for your space. This type of design is often characterized by clean lines, neutral colours, and a lack of clutter.

Minimalist design is inspired by Eastern traditions such as feng shui and its purpose is to decrease stress and increase focus and relaxation by keeping the design of the interior simple and decluttered. Minimalist designs also convey feelings of cleanliness and calm which can really change the feel of an office or living room. Minimalist design can be applied to any space, including homes, offices, and public spaces.

The goal of minimalistic interior design is to create a calm and relaxing environment. This is achieved by using simple, clean lines and avoiding unnecessary clutter. The minimalist design also focuses on functionality, so furniture and decor are kept to a minimum. The smooth and soft lines accent the minimalist look and make any space feel bigger and lighter.

If you’re interested in creating a minimalistic interior design for your home or office, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

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Stick to a neutral colour palette. This will help create a sense of calm and peace. Since the idea of minimalist design is to declutter the walls, choosing the right light, and natural colour is important because the hue will dominate the entire space.

Choose furniture and decor that serve a purpose. Every piece of furniture, painting or finish needs to have a utilitarian purpose. Anything that has no purpose in the space, has no place in minimalist design. Meaning avoiding anything that is superfluous or unnecessary. And finally, keep your space uncluttered. This will help you maintain a sense of order and peace in your space.

By adhering to these simple tips, you can create a beautiful and relaxing minimalistic interior design for your home or office- this allows you to live surrounded by peace and tranquillity. Also because minimalist designs discourages clutter and unnecessary additions, it is actually a great choice for the environment. We live in a throwaway society so the fewer things you have to fill your space, ultimately the less you are going to throw away.

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By following these simple tips, you can create a beautiful and relaxing minimalistic interior design for your home or office.

When it comes to interior design, the term “less is more” couldn’t be more accurate than when describing the minimalistic approach. This popular style is all about stripping away the excess and focusing on the essentials, resulting in a clean, uncluttered look.

While minimalism can be applied to any type of space, it’s particularly well-suited for small homes and apartments where every square inch counts. By paring down your belongings and choosing simple, functional furniture, you can create a serene environment that feels both spacious and stylish.

Ready to try minimalist design in your space?

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Here are a few tips to get you started:

Declutter your home

The first step to creating a minimalist space is to declutter your home and get rid of any excess belongings. This can be a daunting task, but it’s necessary in order to achieve the clean, uncluttered look you’re going for.

Start by going through each room and getting rid of any items that you don’t use on a regular basis. If you haven’t worn or used something in six months, chances are you don’t need it. Once you’ve decluttered your belongings, take some time to organize what’s left so that everything has its own designated place.

Invest in quality pieces

When it comes to furnishing a minimalist space, less is definitely more. Instead of filling your home with a lot of small pieces, invest in a few quality pieces that will make a statement.

For example, choose a sofa that’s comfortable and stylish, and pair it with a coffee table that doubles as storage. In the bedroom, opt for a minimalist bed frame and nightstand, and in the kitchen, select simple yet functional appliances and cookware.

Keep your colour palette neutral

Another key element of minimalism is choosing a neutral colour palette. This doesn’t mean your home has to be boring, but it should be free of clutter and distractions.

Start by painting your walls a light, neutral colour like white or ivory. Then, add pops of colour with your furniture and accessories. Opt for muted tones like grey, navy blue, or green, and avoid patterns or prints.

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Let in natural light

Natural light is an essential element of any minimalistic space. Not only does it make the room feel more open and airy, but it also has a calming effect that helps to reduce stress levels.

To let in more natural light, start by decluttering your windowsills and removing any heavy curtains or blinds. Then, open up the windows whenever possible to let in the fresh air. Finally, consider adding mirrors to your walls to reflect the light and make the room feel even brighter.

Focus on functionality

When it comes to minimalist design, the function is just as important as form. When choosing furniture and accessories for your home, opt for pieces that are both stylish and functional.

For example, instead of a traditional coffee table, choose one with built-in storage so you can declutter your living room. In the kitchen, look for appliances that have multiple functions, like a toaster oven that can also be used as a slow cooker.

Embrace simplicity

One of the most important aspects of minimalism is simplicity. This means choosing furniture and accessories that are clean and uncluttered in design.

When shopping for new pieces, look for items with straight lines and simple shapes. Avoid anything that’s too fussy or ornate, and focus on quality over quantity. Remember, less is more when it comes to creating a minimalist space.

Focus on the details

While minimalism is all about simplicity, that doesn’t mean your home has to be boring. To add interest to a minimalist space, focus on the details.

Start by choosing unique light fixtures, like a chandelier or pendant light. Then, add texture with rugs, pillows, and throws. Finally, personalize your space with photos, art, and plants.

Embrace negative space

Another important element of minimalism is negative space. This refers to the empty spaces in a room, which can actually be used to create a sense of calm and openness.

Instead of filling every nook and cranny of your home, allow for some negative space. For example, don’t feel like you need to put a piece of furniture in every corner of the room. Instead, leave some open space so that the room can breathe.

Choose quality over quantity

When it comes to minimalism, quality is always better than quantity. This means investing in a few well-made pieces instead of filling your home with cheap, mass-produced items.

To find quality pieces, shop at secondhand stores or look for handcrafted items from local artisans. Not only will these pieces be unique, but they’ll also be built to last.

Live with less

The final step to achieving a minimalist lifestyle is learning to live with less. This means getting rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy or serve a purpose.

Start by decluttering your home and donating any unwanted items to charity. Then, commit to living a more minimalist lifestyle by shopping less and only buying what you need. Soon, you’ll find that your life is simpler and happier as a result.

Now that you know the basics of minimalism, put these tips into practice in your own home. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a more clutter-free, relaxing space.

All types of modern flooring available today are solid choices for creating a minimalist space, and Flooring Liquidators carry them all. Although tile, hardwood and vinyl are preferred options when it comes to designing minimalist spaces, carpet and laminate flooring are also viable options for you to consider for many reasons.

When creating your minimalist space it is important to consider some of the benefits and downsides of all types of flooring available to you:


anatolia tile evolution carbon flooring liquidators tile

The stunning Evolution Collection from Anatolia Tile is the ultimate compliment to any minimalist space and design. Perfect for adding only the finest accent of quality, style and strength.

  • Super Smooth
  • Long Lasting
  • Gorgeous and Beautiful
  • Unique and Eye-Catching
  • Quiet Foot Traffic


fuzion flooring coastline collection hickory flooring liquidators

The Coastline collection of engineered hardwood flooring from Fuzion Flooring is a perfect, durable and classic flooring choice with gorgeous organic textures, tones and colours. Accent your home with elegance and style with this line of beautiful hardwood products.

  • Elegant
  • Classic Look
  • High-Quality Look and Feel
  • Durable and Robust


blizzard vinyl sherwood forest flooring liquidators

Sherwood Forest creates strong and beautiful vinyl flooring that can add functionality and beauty to any minimalist space. The 4.5 mm collection is designed for durability and looks.

  • Highly Customizable
  • Very Durable
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Endless Textures and Styles
  • Budget Friendly


centura rivera cocoa pecan carpet flooring liquidators

The Rivera II Collection is engineered to be luxurious and comfortable. Available in a variety of shades and colours, this carpet flooring is the perfect addition to any minimalist space.

  • Cozy Look and Feel
  • Many Options
  • Quiet Foot Traffic
  • Inexpensive


inhaus laminate flooring liquidators

Inhaus offers a stylish, sleek and clean laminate flooring option from their classic estate collection. Perfect for adding design, elegance and formality to any commercial or residential space.

  • Custom Textures
  • Classic Look
  • Economical
  • Wood Look and Feel

There are a ton of different options for minimalist design choices available at Flooring Liquidators! If you have any questions about our products or assets that can boost the look of your minimalist interior, we urge you to contact us!

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