Tile Vs Vinyl: Which Is The Best Flooring Option For Your Bathroom?

tile vs vinyl flooring for your bathroom

When it comes to selecting the perfect flooring for your bathroom, you’re faced with a crucial decision… tile vs vinyl? Both materials offer distinct advantages, but which one suits your bathroom best? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the benefits and limitations of vinyl click flooring and tile for your bathroom.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles, a form of ceramic tile, have long been a popular choice for bathrooms due to their enduring qualities and timeless appeal. These tiles are crafted from fine, high-density clay and fired at extremely high temperatures to create a dense and durable surface.

Benefits Of Porcelain Tiles In Bathrooms

Unrivalled Durability: Porcelain tiles are exceptionally durable, resistant to wear and tear, and capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic over extended periods.

Water Resistance: When properly sealed, porcelain tiles form an impervious barrier against water, protecting the underlying structure from potential damage.

Diverse Styles: From sleek and minimalist to intricate mosaic tiles, porcelain offers a vast array of design choices to suit any aesthetic preference.

Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain, porcelain tiles require minimal effort to keep them looking pristine, even in a high-moisture environment.

Heat Resistant: Porcelain tiles are less likely to retain heat, providing a cooler surface in warmer climates.

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Vinyl Click Flooring

Vinyl click flooring, a versatile synthetic flooring material, has gained immense popularity in recent years. Composed of multiple layers, including a sturdy core layer and a high-quality image layer, vinyl click flooring combines durability with aesthetic appeal.

Benefits Of Vinyl Click Flooring In Bathrooms

Water Resistance: Vinyl click flooring is inherently water-resistant, making it an excellent choice for bathrooms where moisture levels are high.

Easy Installation: The click-and-lock installation system simplifies the process, making it a viable option for DIY enthusiasts and reducing installation costs.

Comfort Underfoot: Unlike colder alternatives like ceramic tiles, vinyl provides a warmer surface, enhancing overall comfort.

Diverse Styles: With a wide range of styles, including options that closely mimic porcelain tiles and mosaic patterns, vinyl click flooring offers numerous design possibilities.

Cost-Effective: Vinyl click flooring offers an affordable alternative to more expensive materials, allowing you to achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank.

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Tile Vs. Vinyl: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis


Tile: Known for their exceptional water resistance when properly sealed. These tiles form a barrier that effectively repels water, protecting the underlying structure from potential damage.

Vinyl Click Flooring: Vinyl click flooring surpasses tile in terms of water resistance due to its inherent waterproof nature. Its composition makes it impervious to water, making it an ideal choice for high-moisture environments like bathrooms.


Tile: Installing tiles can be a complex process, often requiring professional expertise. Achieving precise spacing, applying grout, and ensuring proper adhesion demand meticulous attention to detail. Opt for a mosaic tile, such as Anatolia Tile – Stone Blend Mosaics, for an intricate design without the hassle of creating it yourself.

Vinyl Click Flooring: Vinyl click flooring stands out for its user-friendly click-and-lock system. This innovative installation method allows for a straightforward, DIY-friendly process. Homeowners with basic tools and skills can confidently install vinyl click flooring, reducing installation costs.


Tile: While exceptionally durable, tiles offer a cooler, harder surface underfoot. This characteristic can be alleviated by using area rugs or radiant heating systems.

Vinyl Click Flooring: Vinyl click flooring provides a noticeably softer and warmer surface compared to tiles. This added comfort is especially appreciated in bathrooms, where walking barefoot is common. Falcon Flooring – 7mm Vinyl Collection offers the look of hardwood for a natural and comfortable bathroom floor.

best flooring for your bathroom

Design Flexibility

Tile: Porcelain and mosaic tiles offer a vast array of design choices. From classic, minimalist styles to intricate mosaic tile patterns, these tiles cater to a wide range of aesthetic preferences. The ability to create intricate designs and patterns sets them apart.

Vinyl Click Flooring: Vinyl click flooring is versatile and excels in replicating various styles, including those resembling porcelain and mosaic designs. With advanced printing technology, vinyl offers an extensive range of options, allowing homeowners to achieve their desired look. Check out Next Floor – ScratchMaster Astonishing, for vinyl click flooring that mimics the look of tile perfectly!

Cost Considerations

Tile: While offering enduring quality and timeless appeal, tiles are generally considered a higher-cost flooring option. The investment in porcelain or mosaic tiles reflects the premium quality and long-lasting performance they provide. Anatolia Tile – Phantasie Gray Marble is an elegant and durable option that is guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Vinyl Click Flooring: Vinyl click flooring is a budget-friendly alternative, making it an excellent choice for homeowners mindful of costs. Despite its affordability, vinyl click flooring doesn’t compromise on style, durability, or water resistance, offering an exceptional value proposition.

Ultimately, the decision between vinyl click flooring and tiles for your bathroom hinges on your unique preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Both options offer their own set of advantages, and choosing the right one will elevate your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics.

If you are still unsure which option is best for your bathroom, don’t hesitate to visit one of our flooring store locations to speak to one of our team members!

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