How Do Companies Make Tiles Look Like Hardwood?

tiles look like hardwood

Have you ever seen tiles that look like hardwood and thought, “What are these?” These are called wood look tiles or wood like tiles. Now I’m sure you’re wondering how these tiles are made. Well don’t worry, because we’re here to explain it all.

What are Wood Look Tiles?

Wood look tile gives you the look you love about hardwood flooring, and comes with additional benefits. Wood look tiles offer durability, ease of cleaning, and come in a range of styles. These tiles are made out of porcelain or ceramic and have the size, shape, and look of wood.

They often come in planks, like real wood, but are also available in unique shapes that are more common to tiles. Wood look tile is much less expensive per square foot than traditional hardwood flooring, which makes it the ideal choice if you are looking for the cheaper option.

How is Wood Look Tile Made?

The most common question when it comes to wood like tiles is, how is it made? It is almost the same process in which other tiles are made. They start off by mixing ceramic powder and moistening it. The next step is shaping and solidifying the tiles. The tiles go through machines that mold, cut, and press the material into the size and shape of floorboards.

Now, the next step is the most important. This is how the tiles are made to look like real wood. Professional-grade inkjet technology prints the look of wood onto the surface of the tile with extreme realism. The tile surfaces are often textured to mimic the wood grain. Once the tiles look like wood, they are finished off with a layer of varnish and a trip to the oven.

Since wood look tiles are man-made, they can come in a variety of different colours, finishes and textures. Some of the options available include traditional oak, rich cherry, and rustic driftwood finishes, among many more.

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