What Floors Should I Get For My Coffee Shop?

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If you own a coffee shop, you want to create the kind of atmosphere that will make your patrons feel at home. Many people enjoy socializing in such environments and some may even host meetings here. The more you can encourage people to visit and stick around, the better for business.

Apart from the décor and setting choices, it’s also important to select the appropriate flooring. Both from a practical and aesthetic point of view, your floors can make or break the way your coffee shop is perceived. Here are some of the best ideas for flooring in such a setting.


There is no doubt that tile flooring is a top choice since it is so easy to maintain. Light sweeping and mopping is often all that is required to keep these floors looking their best. Tiles are made from various materials, however, and it is important to choose one that can handle plenty of foot traffic. Not to mention the occasional falling fork or cup.

If you are not sure which tiles are best for your business, talk to an expert and ask for their recommendations in terms of flooring for high-traffic areas. Remember, you can also use tiles to cover various portions of the walls. While these floors generally require a fair financial investment upfront, they more than pay for themselves in the long run.


If you want the cozy look of hardwood without all the maintenance, vinyl flooring is the way to go. These floors are affordable and easy to install. They look like the real thing and they are excellent for modern as well as traditional décor. These floors are easy to clean which is great news for any business owner!


Laminate flooring is another option for those looking for that natural wood look without the cost or maintenance. Laminate flooring is made up of several layers.

The topmost layer is a decorative sheet that looks just like wood. Since it is made up of many layers, you can rest assured that these floors are durable and will hold up very well in busy areas.


Carpets are not the first option you may think of when choosing flooring for a restaurant, pub or coffee shop. While you may not wish to install carpets in areas like the kitchen, you can install them in areas designated for children, such as play areas.

When choosing flooring for your coffee shop, it is important to remember that you do not need to select a single type of flooring for the entire business. In other words, you could choose tiles for your kitchen, vinyl flooring for your dining area and carpets for other areas such as a kids’ corner.

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