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engineered hardwood flooring

Engineered hardwood floors are floors made with multiple layers of hardwood, bonded together using adhesive in combination with intense heat and pressure. This process results in a product that provides several advantages over traditional hardwood flooring, and that ultimately could result in a better fit for your home.

Engineered Hardwood Floors

The main advantages of engineered hardwood floors stem from its superior strength and durability when compared to traditional hardwood, made possible by its unique manufacturing process. Whereas solid hardwood will expand or shrink depending on the humidity within the home and the current climate, engineered wood does not. This in turn eliminates the need for extra spacing between hardwood tiles to accommodate for expansion or shrinkage, making for a floor that is highly resistant to squeaking and moisture damage. The lack of extra space reduces wear–and–tear and makes for a strong and stable hardwood that is highly durable and adaptable.

Engineered hardwood is also easier to install than solid hardwood because there is no need to accommodate for expansion and shrinkage. Because there is no need to compensate for changes in the hardwood, this allows engineered hardwood to be simply installed using a clicking system much like laminate flooring that is perfect for Do–It–Yourself enthusiasts. Engineered hardwood is also installed as a floating floor—meaning it can be installed over existing flooring, such as cement. This allows for greater versatility and installation in places that were not possible or advisable with solid hardwood, such as in kitchens or basements under the right conditions.

Flooring Liquidators carry engineered floors from different manufacturers with many different species, textures and styles—one of our main goals as a company is to ensure that our clients can find the perfect product for their home. To guarantee that our products are of the very highest quality, we buy directly from both Canadian and foreign manufacturers. Our team continually works hard to provide the best selection of engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto for our customers.

Our most prominent line of engineered hardwood is our Sherwood Forest line. The splendid engineered hardwood consists of 10 layers with a top 4mm layer of real wood; it is 5/8” thick and has waxed edges for its clicking system. The waxed edges prevent squeaking and moisture damage, thereby increasing the durability and longevity of the hardwood. Our Sherwood Forest engineered hardwood comes in 4 species—Red Oak, Hard Maple, Elm and Acacia. Our hand-scraped Acacia line looks spectacular and is especially popular with our customers—making it a worthwhile addition to any home and a definite option to consider when it comes to investing in engineered hardwood.

Engineered hardwood is definitely an option to consider when choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home. To learn more about some of the best engineered flooring in Toronto, come visit us at any of our Flooring Liquidators locations today.

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