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Before deciding between finished and unfinished engineered hardwood in Brampton, it’s important that you understand the difference between the two. If the product is finished, it means that it has already been sanded and stained. Unfinished means that you are receiving the product in its natural form and it will need to be finished after the installation is complete. It helps to have a professional unfinished engineered hardwood store Brampton to help with the distinctions. 

One of the main points to consider when choosing this type of flooring is just how much time and energy you are willing to invest. The amount of work involved will depend on the size of the surface area which can be one of the main determining factors. Another reason why some homeowners prefer the unfinished variety is because it allows them to choose their own colour. So, if you cannot find finished floors in the colour you want, you could always opt for the unfinished variety and complete the finish yourself or have a professional do it for you. The professionals at our unfinished engineered hardwood store Brampton can help you with that.

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    What You Need to Know About Unfinished Engineered Hardwood

    Since every home is different and every homeowner has their own personal preferences, it should go without saying that each type of flooring caters to various needs. Engineered hardwood, both finished and unfinished, consists of a top layer of solid wood with high-quality plywood as the base. The thickness of this wood may vary depending on the product. While there are many different colours available for those who want pre-finished hardwood, there are cases that call for some customisation.

    One of the main differences between engineered and solid hardwood is the fact that engineered hardwood should only be sanded once or twice. Excessive sanding will wear the wood down to the base layer of plywood. So, keep this in mind when purchasing unfinished engineered hardwood in Brampton. On the plus side, engineered wood is really easy to install and there are a number of installation methods that can be used. They are a great option for areas where humidity levels are higher thanks to the stable plywood base. This type of flooring is less prone to warping. When considering prices, make sure that you take into account the time and cost of completing the finish. While you can still save quite a bit of money by choosing these floors, it does require some effort if you are the DIY sort of person. Our knowledgeable experts in our unfinished engineered hardwood flooring Brampton showroom can give you the information you need. 

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