Vinyl Click Project Details

A homeowner recently started renovating their unfinished basement to be used as a basement apartment. They browsed through our online selection of floors and purchased a beautiful vinyl click floor in the colour Gemini. After they received the floors and the installation was complete, their basement was completely transformed and ready to be lived in! Want to see how this project turned out? Look at the images below!

vinyl click installation project canada

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Here at Flooring Liquidators, we work to develop strong relationships with the best flooring manufacturers in the industry. We do this in order to provide our customers with a large selection of high-quality flooring at affordable rates. We're Canadian owned and operated, and take pride in providing exceptional flooring options to our communities.

Expert Flooring Installation

Vinyl click flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners looking to add style and durability to their space. At Flooring Liquidators, we offer a wide range of vinyl click options that are designed to last for years and look great in any room. Our knowledgeable staff can help you pick the right option for your space, ensuring that you get the perfect balance of beauty and function. With our professional installation process, you can have beautiful vinyl click flooring up in no time! 

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