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It’s amazing what a huge difference the right moldings and trim can make in a room. Just like choosing the perfect outfit, you also need those finishing touches and accessories to bring it all together. Take your flooring for example, and imagine an abrupt end without any kind of continuation over the adjacent wall.

With the right baseboard, you will enjoy a smooth visual transition between the floor and your walls. Other Hamilton moldings and trims like crown moldings have a similar effect on the relationship between your ceiling and walls. At Flooring Liquidators, we have a wide range of trims and moldings to suit all of your needs and preferences. You don’t need to paint your room some wild colour to make a statement. The right accents will take care of all that for you. Get in touch with our moldings and trim store Hamilton to learn more.

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    Enjoy the Benefits of Moldings & Trim

    The first main benefit of moldings and trims is the fact that they will help spruce up your home. They will add style and elegance while giving the room that final touch it needs. Baseboards are excellent for making cleaning easier. You no longer have to worry about dirt getting in between the wall and floor. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your mop dirtying your walls.

    Crown moldings work particularly well when they are a different colour than the walls. They can be a similar colour to the ceiling but you definitely want them to ‘pop’ so make sure your walls are a couple of shades lighter or darker at least. Sometimes a really dark or bright crown molding can look fantastic. In a child’s room, for example, you can use beautiful bright colours to highlight the crown molding while keeping the theme of the room young. In your living room, dining room, office and similar areas, sophistication and simplicity go hand in hand. Another great approach is to think of your crown molding as a kind of picture frame for your room. Everything inside the frame will be highlighted even more once you add a crown molding. It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to use crown moldings on your ceilings alone. They are also wonderful additions to areas like your mantelpiece. The pros in our moldings and trim store Hamilton can help you find the perfect solution for you and your home.

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    Flooring Liquidators is proud to have 16 locations across Southern Ontario. You can find your nearest location by using our Store Locator. Our team is always happy to assist should you need help finding the perfect flooring for your business, as well as any other information.

    With our help, advice, incredible products, and professional installation, you will completely change the way your home or business looks and feels. We're the best in the business, and we look forward to serving you.