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When it comes to replacing your flooring, it is not simply a matter of the floors themselves. It is also important to make sure that all the finer details are also in place. At our Markham moldings and trims store, you will find everything you need to give any room a wonderful new look. From a wide selection of flooring options to additional essential products that will bring the whole design together, we have what you need.

Just like our flooring products, you can always rest assured that our trims and moldings are of the highest quality and made from the best materials. We never supply our customers with anything less than the very best. Our goal is to ensure that you love your new floors for years to come.

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    The Finishing Touch

    Trims and moldings are designed to bring perpendicular surfaces together. In other words, if your flooring ends abruptly where it meets the wall, it will look rather untidy and even unfinished. With the right trim around the edges, the two surfaces will meet more gradually and with an extra touch of style. 

    Even if the lack of that perfect finish does not bother you, cleaning is another problem. Without moldings and trim in place, dirt will find its way into the small space between the wall and floor which can be difficult to clean. The dirt can even end up under your flooring which can cause them to shift over time. The good news is that our moldings and trim store Markham has a wide variety of products from which you can choose. If you are not sure which products will suit your floors best, let us know and we will be more than happy to assist.

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