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During the winter, there are few things worse than an ice-cold floor. Fortunately, our Markham heated floors store has the perfect solution! Our flooring options will mean that you no longer need to walk around your home in your slippers or shoes. You can enjoy relaxing barefoot even in the middle of winter and even if you have tiles throughout most or all of your home.

Tiles are particularly notorious for being on the chilly side when the mercury drops. However, with the right heating system in place, your tiles will soon become the best part of any room! In your bathroom, in particular, heated floors will dry quicker. So, if you are tired of waiting for your floors to dry after your little one is done in the bath or shower, you will love heated floors even more!

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    Luxurious and Comfortable with Each Step

    No matter how many heaters you have in your home, your floors will always be too cold for comfort. Underfloor heating is the best way of effectively and efficiently heating this area in particular. If you were to rely on your heating system alone, you would need to make the entire room unbearably hot before the floors would start to warm up. Why go to this expense and endure such discomfort when you can have a heating system that targets your floors?

    Apart from the comfort aspect, cold floors can also prove problematic in terms of condensation. During the winter months, the moisture in the warm air condenses when it comes into contact with cooler surfaces. So, if you heat your home but not your floors, you will start to notice condensation in areas of your floor that are the coldest. This can eventually result in mildew which brings with it a host of health concerns. So, when you invest in heated flooring, you are also investing in your health.

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