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Saunas present a unique challenge when it comes to choosing the proper flooring. Obviously, you’ll want a sauna to look good, but this isn’t the only consideration. Your sauna’s flooring needs to withstand a lot of heat, but you’ll want something that won’t be damaged by moisture. As a bonus, it’s also nice to go with a material that is easy to clean. We are a trusted flooring supplier for saunas, and we can help you find an affordable flooring solution for your sauna that looks great.

Many people will choose softwood flooring to create that rustic, natural look. But this does not mean that softwood is the only option on the table when it comes to constructing a sauna. For example, porcelain tiles are a good, affordable option for saunas. Plus, you can even get tiles that look like a hard or softwood if that’s the aesthetic you want to go for. This is why we often suggest that people go with our Anatolia Tile – Vintage Wood Collection or Anatolia Tile – Amaya Wood Collection. However, if you prefer the look of tiles for your sauna, you can always go with our Centura Antica tiles.

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We supply a tremendous amount of flooring options, all with multiple colours, patterns, and styles to choose from. If you would like a helping hand picking out the right flooring for your commercial space, our team of flooring experts will gladly point you in the right direction. They will take your style, budget, and space into consideration to ensure you end up with the perfect flooring for your space. 

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