Functional Flooring For Bakeries

Bakeries are always a comforting place for customers to visit. Bakeries rely not only on the smell of fresh bread but also the decor and ambiance to set the right tone for their guests. As a trusted flooring supplier for bakeries, we understand the needs of this segment and have the right collection of product for bakery businesses.

When it comes to the flooring for a bakery, it needs to be inviting but also very functional for the people who work there. These floors need to be easy to clean and, for the most part, maintenance-free. We carry many options for tile, laminate and vinyl the are perfect for bakeries. When we meet with a client that owns a bakery, we love to direct them to our Anatolia Tile – Eramosa Collection, Sherwood Forest – Classic Collection, Looselay Luxury Vinyl, and Atelier Collection flooring options. Any of these would make a beautiful addition to your bakery and go a long way towards making your customers feel at home when they walk through the entrance door.

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Featured Products for Bakeries

Fuzion Flooring - Atelier
Available in 8 Colours

Glue Down/Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring


Twelve Oaks® - Endure
Available in 8 Colours

Glue Down/Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring


Twelve Oaks® - LooseLay
Available in 8 Colours

Glue Down/Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring


Sherwood Forest Products - Classic Collection
Available in 10 Colours ASK FOR PRICE

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With years of expertise in being a flooring supplier for bakeries, we have a learnt a lot from our customers. We understand their pain points and have designed set of products that work well for this segment.

We understand making a decision for your bakery can be overwhelming. We are here to help you. Our staff is friendly and hands-on. All you need to do is, give us your details in the form the right and our associate will get back to you at earliest.

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