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Over the years, various types of flooring have come and gone while some have stood the test of time. Vinyl floors are one such type that gained popularity decades ago and still remains a favourite among many homeowners today. Due to their click installation method, these floors are even more in demand. Our vinyl click flooring store in Cambridge stocks a wide variety to suit every preference and decorative theme.

With so many products on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the available options.When you step inside a Flooring Liquidators, you will be welcomed by many vinyl click floors, that are loved for their beauty and luxury. Once vinyl click is installed, they have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of any room. Visit our vinyl click flooring store in Cambridge to see our impressive selection!

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vinyl click flooring store cambridge


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    vinyl click flooring store in cambridge

    What to Expect from Vinyl Click Floors

    One of the main reasons people are attracted to vinyl click flooring is durability. These floors are designed to withstand the pressures of heavy foot traffic, making them excellent for areas of your home or business that have busy foot traffic. Price is another important factor when performing renovations, and vinyl click floors are among some of the most affordable options for homeowners.

    These floors also offer fantastic underfoot comfort, making them very pleasant to walk on. While vinyl click flooring is easy to install yourself, many people still choose to hire professionals to speed up the process. Ask our team at our vinyl click flooring store in Cambridge for advice if you are unsure about the installation process – we’re more than happy to help! It’s important to ensure that the surface of installation is flat in order to achieve a flawless installation. Any imperfections on the floor below will affect the outcome and the final result.

    Visit Flooring Liquidators in Cambridge today to explore our extensive range of vinyl click flooring and find the perfect fit for your space!

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    Flooring Liquidators is proud to have 16 locations across Southern Ontario. You can find your nearest location by using our Store Locator. Our team is always happy to assist should you need help finding the perfect flooring for your business, as well as any other information.

    With our help, advice, incredible products, and professional installation, you will completely change the way your home or business looks and feels. We're the best in the business, and we look forward to serving you.