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If you have ever looked at various wood flooring products and wondered how you could perfectly match the image you have in your mind, you should consider unfinished solid hardwood. These flooring products allow you to enjoy the beauty and luxury of wood while offering you the choice of your own finish. While this does involve some extra work after installation, many property owners agree that it is more than worthwhile.

The primary reason for choosing unfinished hardwood is the ability to choose your very own finish. Our Cambridge unfinished solid hardwood products are perfect for this reason. Not only do you have the flexibility of choosing whatever stain you like, but you can also rest assured that the floors you are choosing are of the highest quality. Our unfinished solid hardwood store in Cambridge has everything you need.

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    Unfinished Solid Hardwood Popularity

    While we offer a wide selection of finished solid hardwood products, the popularity of unfinished products has remained steady over the years. As our tastes and preferences become more refined, we become more particular with our choices. When your preferences cannot be met by the finished products available, unfinished products become the best option.

    It’s worth noting that solid hardwood is, as the name suggests, made from solid wood. This means it is durable, and you can sand it down and refinish these floors several times before they may need to be replaced. While refinishing can be done multiple times, it is recommended only once the floors start to show significant signs of wear. This helps preserve them for as long as possible and ensures you get the most use out of them. Additionally, you will save money in the long run by not having to replace your floors every few years.

    For the best selection and expert advice on unfinished solid hardwood, visit Flooring Liquidators in Cambridge today.

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