If you’re trying to find where to buy quality and affordable vinyl flooring in London, look no further than Flooring Liquidators. Located on 475 Newbold St, this location allows for easy and convenient access for London residents looking to buy vinyl for their residential or commercial property.

Stocked with must-see samples that you can see and touch, our flooring shop is well equipped, allowing for plenty of space to display all our products, making it easier and more convenient for you to find what you need.

If you have any questions, concerns or inquiries about vinyl flooring or vinyl installation, our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you — we believe that providing our customers with an enjoyable and pleasant experience at our stores is equal to that of providing our customers with the best quality and price available.

Get the best, full warranty flooring brands at your local store! (With flooring experts to help)

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    What Are The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring?



    • Easy maintenance. No special chemicals required. All vinyl flooring needs is an occasional sweep and mop.
    • Vinyl flooring is impervious to water, meaning it can be installed in the bathroom or kitchen unlike hardwood.
    • Vinyl flooring is known to be inexpensive when compared to other types of flooring, ranging between 5 cents to 10 dollars per square foot.
    • Highly durable, known to last between five to ten years depending on the quality of materials chosen and how it was manufactured.
    • Stain resistant. Vinyl flooring features a clear top wear layer that acts as a blanket that protects it from stains.
    • Vinyl flooring is easy to install. Its click or lock and glue process make it easier than other flooring options.


    • Vinyl flooring contains volatile organic chemicals which will release into the environment and room. This may irritate anyone with asthma or anyone with respiratory problems. The chemical out-gassing will be relative to the chemical makeup and age of the floor.
    • Not environment-friendly. Vinyl flooring does not break down naturally and is not biodegradable and rarely recycled, meaning it’ll highly likely end up in the landfill after its shelf life.
    • Relatively soft against harder surfaces. Small grains beneath the floor can wear down the material over time, which may show as lumps on the surface.
    • Many find vinyl flooring hard to repair. Although you can buy highly-durable vinyl, low-quality vinyl will rip. Once vinyl is damaged, it can’t be sanded or refinished, meaning you’ll have to throw it away.

    Buying Vinyl From Flooring Liquidators London Guarantees You


    Lowest Prices For Vinyl Flooring In London

    Here at Flooring Liquidators, we believe in making our products affordable for our customers, as well as providing them with the best quality of product available.

    Not only do we want to give our customers ample reason to come back to us when looking for vinyl flooring in London but we also want our customers to have the best possible flooring for their home or commercial property.

    When we offer “lowest price guarantees,” we save you the time and hassle while also ensuring you that you install high-quality grade and best-in-class products. We truly believe every building is safer and aesthetically pleasing with flooring as good as ours.

    This is why the quality of our products will never be compromised by the low prices that we offer them at — we will only sell products that we are proud of and happy to have installed in our own properties.

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    Wide Selection of Vinyl

    If you step on it, we have it. We have a wide vinyl flooring selection for all of London our customers love us for it!

    Picking the perfect floor shouldn’t be a painful process. When you work with us you’ll save time and stress. You never want to be in a situation where you show up to a store without getting what you want.

    Here at Flooring Liquidators London, you’re guaranteed an elegant showroom with vinyl flooring samples that you can peruse through.

    If you need help, we have a team of vinyl flooring experts waiting on your every need.

    Vinyl Flooring Experts

    We have over 10+ years experience with vinyl hardwood flooring and we have become the number 1 source in London for vinyl installation.

    Throughout the years we have developed strong relationships with our customers.

    Flooring Liquidators is trusted by a wide range of contractors, developers, homeowners and reputable brands like that of Sheraton and HGTV to just to name a few examples.

    Our product selection, execution, customer service, and 5-star online reviews speak for themselves.

    For more information about buying vinyl or vinyl installation in London please call us at 519-680-0040 or fill out our contact form below.

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    Image depicts a woman sitting on vinyl floors in her London home.

    Vinyl Floors For Sale In London

    An attractive choice for property owners in London, vinyl flooring represents style at an affordable price. Here at Flooring Liquidators, we’re all about unbeatable prices on incredible flooring products, and have the best selection of vinyl floors for sale in London. We have great relationships with all our manufacturers, which allows us to get the best products at the best possible prices.

    If you are looking for flooring that is:

    • Extremely durable and water-resistant
    • Good for high traffic areas or in homes with children or pets
    • Water-resistant (or in some cases waterproof)

    Then you need to check out our vinyl floors for sale.

    We guarantee you will find flooring for unbeatable prices, so that you can finally have the dream home you’ve always wanted. Our tagline is “everything is on sale” because we always strive to have the best prices. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect flooring option for you. So come check out our vinyl flooring London store today.