Are you looking to bring back the Roman Era to your home? Mosaics have been popular decorative items in bathhouses and palaces for over 4000 years and now you can bring back that trend to your kitchen. At Flooring Liquidators you can find the most unique tiles, backsplashes, and mosaics in Barrie to add a personal touch to your kitchen, bathroom, or any space in your home that you wish add character.

Barrie Tile, Backsplash and Mosaics

At our 3500 sq ft Barrie location, you will find an astonishing variety of materials, colours, striking visual effects, and designs needed to turn your home into a stylish, fashionable and artsy project. Flooring Liquidators now carries the latest trendy, dynamic, and impressive assortment of materials of tiles, backsplash, and mosaics in Barrie, such as ceramic, glass, natural stone, and even metal composition. With outstanding relationships with the best international manufactures, working directly with designers, builders and architects allows us to provide the necessary information and ideas for our customers to maximize customization. Whether your desired look is traditional, modern, contemporary, rustic, or shabby-chic, the customer is able to take control and personally design their home project.

At Flooring Liquidators Barrie, customer satisfaction is just as important as the quality of our products. We take pride in offering top quality material at an unbeatable price- guaranteed! When it comes to tiles, backsplash and mosaics in Barrie, we strive to maintain our supply of tiles current, unique, and up to date with trends. Stop by today and ask us how we can help with a historical decor for your home.


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