Carpet is known to be a go-to solution for many homeowners who are looking for beauty, durability and comfort. At Flooring Liquidator’s new Scarborough location on Kennedy Rd, finding the right carpet in Scarborough is easier than ever.

Scarborough Carpet Flooring

Flooring Liquidators in Scarborough has a wide variety of different carpet colours and styles such as plush, cross stitch, berber and commercial grade. Whether you are looking for a comfortable plush carpet for your basement or stairs, or a long lasting commercial grade cut-loop for your retail store or office, Flooring Liquidators is known to be a one-stop shop for one of the largest selection of carpet in Scarborough.

Carpet has special sound reducing properties that many homeowners with multi-level spaces look for in order to an extra feeling of comfort. In addition to comfort, the right colour, and fiber style can impact the overall appearance of your home or space. After finding the right colour or hue, one must consider the ideal fibre style for individualistic needs. Flooring Liquidators also carries and installs commercial and hospitality carpet in Scarborough servicing all industrials areas.

With years of experience the professionals at Flooring Liquidators are equipped with the necessary information and experience to ensure that our customers find the best and most ideal carpet in Scarborough that suits customer needs. With all the information and specifications there are on carpets, it can get very overwhelming. Whether you are just shopping around or looking for something specific stop by our Scarborough location today and have all of your carpet needs met.