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When you take a look around your kitchen, there is bound to be a particular area that gets messy from cooking yet is super tough to clean. The portion of the wall located just above your worktops is this area. Whether you cook on a regular basis or only occasionally, your poor kitchen walls simply don’t stand a chance against oil, tomato and other ingredients that refuse to be wiped away.

The good news is that you don’t have to put up with these stains or struggle to scrub and repaint your walls on a regular basis. Our Hamilton backsplash store has just what you need to give your kitchen a new look while making it that much easier to clean too. When you install a backsplash, you are protecting the wall behind it and you will love how easy they are to simply wipe clean! No more repainting or endless scrubbing with no results. The perfect backsplash is waiting for you at our backsplash tile store Hamilton.

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    Backsplash Tile Store in Hamilton

    No matter how careful you might be, food has a way of splashing and the splatter can reach further and higher than we realise. Oil is a prime example of this. Even if you use a protective oil screen or lid on top of your pan, you will still need to lift it from time to time and this means that oil can pop and splash your walls. Over time, your kitchen will become increasingly unattractive and, no matter how often you clean and scrub, it will still appear dirty. Not only will you be less enthusiastic about cooking in your kitchen, but you will also be embarrassed when entertaining.

    When installing a backsplash in your kitchen, remember to make sure that it reaches all the way along the walls where you have installed your worktops. This includes your sink area. Although you might not splash oil here, soap from washing dishes can definitely make your walls look terrible. Cleaning your backsplash is easy and all you need to do is give it a quick wipe on a regular basis. If you notice stubborn particles, you can give them a light scrub and they should come off without too much effort. These surfaces can also be disinfected as and when you feel it is necessary. Visit our backsplash tile store Hamilton to see our collection.

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